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Srí Lanka – Where Ceylon Tea Grows

In one of the innumerable inlets on the west coast of the island of Srí Lanka lies the fishing village Negombo. The local fishermen, just like their distant ancestors in the period described by the author of the 2000 year – old legends of the Ramayana, sail out to sea each morning to pursue their […]

South Korea Green Gold

Fresh tea sprouts in Busan tea area. Busan tea gardens. Tea company on Jeju Do island. Tea on Jeju Do is covered. Unique way to harvest tea leaves on Jeju Do. Tea cutting by machine.   Traditional tea room in the Buddhist monastery area on Jeju Do. Korean typical tea room style. Tea room.  

Oolongs in Taiwan

Northern Thailand is tea producing area. North of Chiang Rai you can see the scenic scenery of tea plantations that have been planted here in the recent past. (In 2003). Maesalong is the spot where you can find best Oolong teas in Thailand produced by Taiwanese method. Easy way how to get to Maesalong is rent […]

Tea Cigars – Smoky green tea stuffed in bamboo stalks

Phongsaly is the “password” to the most unique tea from Laos. Most of tea produced in Laos is basic green tea mostly produced in the southern part of the country.   In the northern parts of Laos near the Chinese border in the altitude over 1.500 meters little town Phongsaly is spread on the mountain […]

Tea in Remote Parts of Myanmar

Dry Tea in Myanmar. Photos and text: Jirka Simsa In the mystic land of Myanmar irrigated by the majestic Irrawaddy river tea is grown in the very remote places. Tea is grown very old and traditional way but there are also very modern and well equipped manufacturies supported by Taiwan tea producers. Tea is mostly […]