Search for the tea King (1997)

“In China tea was originally prepared using tea leaves from wild trees, which would be cut down to be harvested, since uncut they could grow to fifty foot or more. Only later, in the 4th century, did tea enter cultural consciousness. The tea plant began to be cultivated and tea became a market commodity. ” […]

The Secrets of Pu-er Uncovered?

The great majority of Chinese have fears about the betrayal of “Chinese state secrets” or export of Chinese “know how” about the production of anything. Such fears, based as they are on the experience of the Chinese people both from the distant past (the export of the silkworm) and the recent past (the export of […]

Yellow Tea or yellow tea?

Tea literature is relatively miserly with its explanations of the term “yellow” in relation to China tea (and, by the way, only in China will the reader ever encounter the term). One gets the impression that there is some unresolved problem here, some little question mark hanging in the air, and an area where the […]