• Taiwan

    Frozen Peak Is Not a Peak, in Fact, It’s Not Even Frozen!

  • Tibet

    There are still places such as the autonomous region of Tibet or the rebellious province of Xinjiang that are subject to special regimes.

  • Myanmar

    The same can also be said of the people and their openness. Just a few years ago, for fear of the ruling Junta, the local populace were more timorous...

  • Thailand

    It is true that the main goal of the trip to these places was not focused on tea plantations because of the fact that nobody had ever heard that tea could appear in these parts.

  • Srí Lanka

    Buddha once came to this country to turn the wicked cannibal tribes - the Rakshashi - to the true faith.

  • Myanmar

     In the mystic land of Myanmar irrigated by the majestic Irrawaddy river tea is grown in the very remote parts of hills …

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  • Taiwan

    It’s always more entertaining to set out for foreign lands when you’ve got a clear idea of what you’re looking for.

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  • Korea

    No matter how monstrous the machine may look at first glance, even in this phase one can meet with poetic moments. At one point

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  • India

    I can’t explain why, but every time I leave India I say to myself, “Never again!” Perhaps it’s because I’m always

    India is a drug
  • Turkey

    When flying over Turkish territory, memories of my visit to the town of Rize always comes back to me.

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  • Japan

    It was never my intent to aim for perfection by practicing the way of Zen, various martial arts, flower arrangement, or the hardly accessible and thus...

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  • Laos, Vietnam

    In the northern parts of Laos near the Chinese border in the altitude over 1.500 meters little town Phongsali is spread on the mountain slopes.

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  • Tibet

    It is not a big surprise that tea is most common beverage in Tibet. Yes, no problem. Black tea from Chinese Yunnan province mixed with Yak butter̷...

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  • China

    During my last visit to China, I made the acquaintance of an expert who fulfilled both of my chief requirements …

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  • Thailand

    Maesalong is the spot where you can find best Oolong teas in Thailand produced by Taiwanese method.   Tea tradition is not very…

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  • Srí Lanka

    In a hut built of bamboo stems and palm leaves stuck together with clay, a kerosene burner was glowing and the sound of boiling water began …

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  • Nepal

    In fact once back in 1995 I even secretly crossed the Nepal border during my first trek along the mountain ridge between the Sandakphu and Phalut peak...

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